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Forms created with WindFORM OCR are compatible with WindFORM.


WindFORM OCR is the ultimate form builder and recognizer. As you scan your form to screen, the text and lines are recognized as objects. The new scanned forms are free from the imperfections found with the standard "bitmap" scanning technology. With GDI's new technology, you can scan and print perfect forms again and again on laser printers or typesetters with amazing speed. And you can edit, move, resize or duplicate any part of your scanned form without affecting overall quality and print speed.

See WindFORM OCR Screen

Recognize lines: Lines and their characteristics: length and thickness are recognized as clean objects. There is no need to retrace them by hand. Automatic " Attach Line " smoothes the line connections. The smart and proprietary GDI deskew logic straightens the lines automatically! This raster to vector conversion allows for incredible compression and " cleans the lines " from the imperfections of scanned images.

Recognize text: Text, font, size and attributes (bold, italic, underline) are recognized and displayed automatically in the form at the exact original position. Performance in OCR does not end with just recognition and speed. Another ingredient is the ease by which recognized pages can be viewed and edited. WindFORM OCR displays the original image and recognized text simultaneously. By clicking the right button on the text, the font can be changed in a snap, or text can be edited. The features of our OCR technology:

  1. Reads 6 to 72 point type
  2. True Omnifont recognition
  3. Captures and exports type font, style and format to popular word processors, etc.
  4. Built-in 90,000 word dictionary
  5. User defined dictionary
  6. Designed for fax and machine printed characters including dot matrix

Handle logos and bit map images: Just select any logo, or any exotic character. Click, and the image is moved automatically from the background scanned image to the recognized form. It is that simple!

Field recognition: Fields are recognized, with settings for minimum width and height.

Check Marks recognition: Check Marks are recognized as fields.

Manual correction: Manual correction is easy: you see the original form in a different color just below the recognized new form. Just click and replace the characters that are not recognized!

Interactive correction: Automatically displays the specific parts of the form that are not completely recognized by the OCR, allowing you to make and review the necessary changes very easily.

Incredible compression: WindFORM compresses a form more than 98%. A 300 DPI bitmap image of 1 Megabytes is compressed into a file of 5K. The bitmap image is compressed into a very efficient object tagged format file.

User defined preferences: There are optional parameter settings which you can define in order to optimize the quality of the recognized image: minimum line length, character recognition level, and word recognition level in percentage of characters.

" Any business with forms to design will save an incredible amount of time with WindFORM OCR ". Richard Stevens, University of California.

See WindFORM OCR Screenwith zoom



WindFORM OCR is compatible with a large variety of tools to print, merge, or fill forms in DOS, Windows, or mainframe environment.

The Small Merge Module for UNIX

For DOS and UNIX systems, you can call this program from your application to merge your data and the forms. Word-processing data is formatted as well as justified fields. Using only 50K of memory, the Small Merge Module is ideal for any forms-intensive application. The UNIX module is an option only.

WindFORM Filler

Provides security (form signatures) and workflow capabilities.

Mainframe spooler (option)

This option of WindFORM OCR brings to corporations a very powerful engine for forms management and communication. The main features of the program are:

  • Centralize, retrieve and store all the forms on mainframes
  • Routing of forms
  • Mainframe data printing
  • Electronic distribution of software

System Requirements:

Windows 3.1, 95, NT. Personal computer using 486 or higher microprocessor.16 MB of memory


  • Fast form design turnaround time.
  • Easy form editing.
  • Fast form printing.
  • Very compact memory requirement.
  • Printing on blank paper eliminates pre-printed form purchase and inventory cost.
  • Eliminates waste of obsolete forms.
  • Save money and time on form design.

GDI, Graphics Development International

  • (800) 989-4434


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WindFORM, WindFORM OCR, GDI are trademarks of Graphics Development International, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.


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