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Real Estate

Miller & Davis Uses FormScan to Generate Real Estate Closing Packages

This summer, Miller & Davis P.C. searched for a solution to the cumbersome forms needed for Real Estate closing packages. Miller & Davis provides a statewide service in Texas assisting mortgage companies close Real Estate transactions. According to Dick Miller, a principal at Miller & Davis, "We needed the ability to print exact documents required by the VA, FHA and other Federal and State Regulations."

They looked at word processing systems and desk top publishing systems and finally selected FormScan from GDI. The reason? The speed with which FormScan can scan an original form and merge data into the form from an ASCII file. Miller & Davis now has as many as 160 forms that can be generated by one program from a large file. They operate a Novell LAN with approximately ten PC's. Two print servers are used with Hewlett Packard and LaserMaster hardware to generate the 20-40 forms required in the 30 some closing packages required per day. According to Greg Smith, a Consultant at Miller & Davis, "FormScan has done a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time."

Dick Miller adds, "Formscan has allowed us to go to a laser based system that produces forms exactly as promulgated by lenders and government agencies. It has saved keystroke and data entry time while improving accuracy."


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