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Travel vouchers to be printed by WindFORM

The SABRE computer reservations system serves more than 28,000 subscriber travel agencies located in 74 countries on six continents, providing schedule, pricing and booking information for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, trains and tour operators around the world. SABRE Travel Information Network (STIN) is responsible for marketing SABRE to travel agencies and travel suppliers. STIN is a division of American Airlines, Inc., and is a unit of AMR Corporation's The SABRE Group.

SABRE - equipped travel agents across Europe are now able to book their travel requirements through SABRE and issue their vouchers using WindFORM, which is currently marketed by STIN under the name Vouchers 2000. Vouchers 2000 is currently being translated into four major European languages and future marketing plans may include Latin America.

Vouchers 2000 Designer is used by the travel agents to design their own vouchers. Using a scanner, they can trace their existing documents and reproduce them on screen for printing. Vouchers 2000 Filler is used to print their tickets and vouchers directly from information held in SABRE. "Right now, we can make our reservations in SABRE and see the travel forms filled in on screen, before printing them," said Rick Martin, Thomas Cook - London. "This is so much easier." The customization done by GDI's engineering department on WindFORM received praise from the SABRE project manager. "GDI has done an incredible amount of work in a short period of time," said SABRE's Ali Abdelrahim. "And the results have been very well received by our customers."

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