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WindFORM 2.0

The easiest way to create forms and automate your business

Design and edit any form with ease

  • Multi-page forms. Multiple-pages forms can be loaded at the same time, with tiling, or cascade views.
  • Property sheet for easy style definition/editing
  • Text. Any Windows True Type or ATM font. Text is shaded, colored (background and foreground), or fountain filled
  • Customizable objects. Round corner, shadow, styles
  • Easily create tables with the comb duplicator. Duplicate fields and formulas or any object
  • Easy "drag and drop" editing
  • Check boxes, radio button.
  • Zooms and previews
  • Alignment tools, snap to grid, rulers in cm, picas, points.
  • Easy import of WMF, TIF, PCX, BMP, TGA color and BW images and more.
  • MicroSoft Office Compatible interface
  • Floating tool bar
  • OLE 2.0 support for inserting Word, WordPerfect, or Multimedia objects in the forms
  • Comprehensive help and tutorial
  • Automatic form creation from data base tables

Smart on-screen Filling

  • Powerful data entry fields. String, Number, Currency, Check Mark, Button, Date, Time, Signature, Image, Page Number, Multipart Stamp
  • Mask button. Create, save and load pre-defined text objects such as social security number, phone number, part number, upper case only, etc
  • Look up tables eliminate typing mistakes
  • Auto increment for invoices
  • Default Value, Help and Prompts
  • Buttons associates macros or scripts (i.e. fill next form, exit, print, etc.)
  • Filling order can be easily modified
  • Locate data easily. Retrieve data from the data bases , or move through the form with standard VCR radio control buttons.
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Functions. Standard, mathematical, string, and time
  • Script language. Intentionally simple, the script helps you develop simple forms processing applications. With WindFORM 2.0, the main screen can be any type of image with any kind of push buttons for each form or group of forms. With WindFORM 2.0, you can develop menus which give your users instant and direct access to even the most complex of your multi-page forms. A script is associated with each push button. Groups of icons can be created as well.


Automatic database and reports

  • Access data directly from any X-Base compatible data base
  • Report and label wizard. 250 industry standard labels
  • Powerful queries and sorts.
  • ODBC import/export


Create all your stationery forms in a snap by adding your logo and your address. The data base capabilities of WindFORM 2.0 give you the best and complete paperwork organizer for your office.

Get professional-looking forms in just seconds

You do not need to be a graphic artist, a design expert or a data base programmer to create effective and better looking forms with WindFORM.

Add ons

WindFORM VBX, DLL, WindFORM OCR and WindFORM ICR can be used with WindFORM forms.

Download the demo of WindFORM 2.0

GDI-US: (415)479-6935;



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