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WindFORM Active X

WindFORM ActiveX print and merge forms that have been developed with WindFORM. The Active X component can be called directly by your Windows application, VB, C++, or Microsoft Frontpage. WindFORM Active X merges your data in memory, or from disk. It puts 150 functions at your fingertips.
Because WindFORM treats items as objects, printing is blazingly fast. WindFORM traces the file to create an object which is sent to the printer. This is also true of a scanned file or imported form. The optimized print routine is truly unique to WindFORM.
  • Create a form from scratch.
  • Scan in a form.
  • Create a fast form using the unique forms elements library.
  • Import an existing form (and data) from any DOS or Windows applications.
WindFORM has a SMART TOOLBOX for drawing objects, as well as alignment aids, such as rulers, grids and different kinds of cursors, for positioning those objects precisely on the form. To use the SMART TOOLBOX, click on the right mouse button, and the toolbox will appear on screen with all the tools used to create the object. No need to access the main menu bar to search for the tools associated with creating that object.
No need to create a new data base within WindFORM. Powerful tools enable the user to access information from any WINDOWS program.


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